3 days in Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia

There we go! We leave Laos, the heart quite heavy, for our next adventure: Malaysia. We start in the capital, Kuala Lumpur. Change of scenery in this capital city, mix of modernity and traditions. But what can you do in 3 days here? We tell you everything!  (more…)

4 days on the loop of Thakhek in Laos

boucle de Thakhek au Laos

We leave the North of Lao and its magnificent landscapes, to discover the South of the country. After a short stopover in Vientiane, the capital city, we take a bus to Thakhek, to make the loop by motorbike. Lets’ go for an article with music!  (more…)

Discovering Northern Lao

Muong Ngoi village

After 1 month and a half in Vietnam, it’s time to take the plane from Hanoi, direction Luang Prabang, Northern Laos, for our next stop. We bring you to discover a beautiful area, with sublime landscapes and generous people… Let’s go!  (more…)

TOP 10 of our favorite dishes in Asia

That we had not offered to TOP for a long time. Also, after 4 months of travel and 4 countries covered, we thought that a small top on the kitchen might be nice. The coup, is salivating as we write this article, nothing just thinking back to all those good dishes we had the opportunity to taste. Let's explore this top 10 of our favorite dishes in Asia!  (more…)

Stopover in Hoi An and Hué in the center of the Vietnam

We just leave Da Lat and its tranquility to Hoi An and his old neighborhood. After 5 pm bus, we arrive at 5 o’clock in the morning in this small town by the sea. We tell you our stay “hoianesque” which then continues to Hué, the ancient imperial city of the Vietnam.  (more…)

Our crush for the South Vietnam: part 3

Da Lat city in Vietnam

After our stay in the Mekong delta and Mui Ne, we come to our last stop in the South of the Vietnam: Da Lat. Crush on our trip, the intended stay of 3 days extended in order to enjoy the riches the region has to offer. We’re taking you with us in the heart of the mountains…  (more…)