Which Gili island is yours?

View on the beach on Gili Meno, in Indonesia

We just finished our most difficult trek on the Rinjani volcano that we only think of one thing: relax! Indonesia is the equivalent of paradise for this exhausting activity. We decide to drop our backpacks on the Gili Islands, off Lombok. Much like in the nightclubs of our youth, Gili are 3 islands, 3 atmospheres… Let’s go on board! 


Gili Air

We choose the facility for this first stop. Gili Air is a 15-minute boat ride from Lombok. We are really tired of our trek, so it’s easy to take it.

* Culture time* First thing: In Sasak, the dialect of Lombok, Gili means “island”. So we are a little bit stupid as Westerners to talk about the Gili Islands, the “Islands Islands”… -_-
Second thing: There are no cars driving on the three Gilis. The inhabitants and tourists therefore choose between electric scooters, bicycles and carts drawn by horses. * End of the culture time*

Gili Air is the perfect island for families and couples on a honeymoon. In our case, we appreciate doing nothing on the island unless laying by the pool in front of our little bungalow, typical of these islands. The roofs are very steep and fall on each side of the bungalow, it’s really cute. Our bathroom is even in the open air, which is very nice when you come back from 3 days without having a shower. To sum up, you have understood, on Gili Air, we play it cushy…

Directional panels on Gili Air in Indonesia

Typical small house on Gili Air in Indonesia


Gili Meno

It is very easy to take the boat to the island of Meno from Gili Air. There are regular speedboats that can drop you off there, but we advise you to take the public boat, much friendlier, more pleasant and economical than the quick version.

Once on Meno, you have the feeling of being Robinson Crusoe. Meno is the smallest of the three Gilis, but also the wildest and most preserved. There are more and more tourist complexes on the coastline but the inland remains very natural and reserved for the inhabitants of the island. It is very easy and quick to walk around the island. In our case, it took us about 1h at sunset, which is all the more magical!

From the east coast of the island, lying on your gazebo and sipping your fresh fruit juice, you can see Gili Air. If you prefer the sunset on the west coast, you will hear the percussions and rythmes of Gili Trawangan that will rise into the air at nightfall.

Meno is the place of peace and serenity. We enjoy the crystalline waters to snorkel in the Bay of Turtles, or above the corals, unfortunately a little damaged.

View from Gili Meno Island on the beach in Indonesia

Sunset on Gili Meno at low tide

Sunset on Gili Meno with a view of Gili Trawangan


Gili Trawangan

We pass on this last island because we are less interested in the “Full Moon Party” atmosphere that gives Trawangan the reputation of best island to party. However, we meet a lot of backpackers who are very interested in this atmosphere that seems to be exceptional and as good as the holidays organised on Phi Phi Islands in Thailand.

So we do not have anything to share with you on the largest of the Gili islands. But one thing is sure: it must be impressive! 😉

Apérétif on the beach on the Gili islands in Indonesia


After a week of lazyness, we have to admit that we start to be bored and we want to discover new places. So we take the speed boat (without being sick this time) back to Bali. Our next article will therefore be dedicated to the “paradise” island that makes the reputation of Indonesia. See you soon!