We, the “Blog-Packers” are to world citizens, curious and eager to travel and discover things. We decided to start a new project in our lives: traveling around the world for at least 1 year, as digital nomads.

On this blog, we do not pretend to be right every time. We just want to share with you our experiences, fun facts and share with yours. So do not hesitate to comment these articles so that they live and can be richer and richer.

Now, let’s introduce ourselves…


Julie aka “Miss”

I am 28, and am used to working in webmarketing for a living. In my “adventure” life, I love traveling around and discover new places more or less close.

I was lucky to be able to visit some of the main european cities, to live an amazing road-trip on the west coast of the USA in a tiny Fiat 500, to enjoy the “Québécois” accent, to live 24/24 in New York, the big Apple, or sleep in the middle of the rice fields and jungle in South East Asia.


Maël aka “Mister”

Maël is also 28 and work as a web developer. Obviously “geek”, he is fond of computer science, web and decided to live thanks to it.

He also loves traveling around the world. He defines himself as a world citizen, curious to leave further, higher?

He had the chance to go to the USA, to Canada but also to South East Asia. Yes, they travel a lot together…