Find on this page all our articles related to Malaysia. Our adventure starts in the capital city: Kuala Lumpur. Then, we go to the North, to Penang island, before coming back to the center of the peninsula and finish in the South, in Melaka.

3 days in Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia

There we go! We leave Laos, the heart quite heavy, for our next adventure: Malaysia. We start in the capital, Kuala Lumpur. Change of scenery in this capital city, mix of modernity and traditions. But what can you do in 3 days here? We tell you everything!  (more…)

The discovery of Penang island in the North West of Malaysia

street art on Penang island

After our first few days in the Malaysian capital, Kuala Lumpur, we take a bus to the North-West, on Penang island. Story of our adventures…  (more…)

Close to nature in the center of Malaysia

Sam Poh Tong temple near Ipoh, in the center of Malaysia

We have just left Penang Island and its beautiful street arts. We are in a huge ferry that links the island to the Peninsula before continuing by bus to the center of Malaysia. Program: spirituality and meetings in Ipoh, tasting strawberries and tea in Cameron Highlands before finishing by trekking in the jungle of the Taman Negara… Ready? Let’s go!  (more…)

DSF to Perenthian Islands

Sea of the Perenthian Islands in Malaysiac

We go out of our adventures in the Malaysian jungle. We now need something calm and restful for the next days. The ideal place for that? The Perenthian Islands in the northeast of the malaysian peninsula. After 8 h of crazy bus and a poor sick Dutch, we find some rest in a small cabin near the water. (more…)

Last stop in Malaysia in Melaka

Melaka Christ Church built by the Portuguese, in Malaysia

Here we are… Already at the end of our trip in Malaysia. Our night bus drops us in Melaka historical city, symbol of the Portuguese, Dutch and then British colonial periods. Let’s go to discover this charming little town…  (more…)

What to do in 7 days in Singapore?

Marina Bay Sands and Merlion in Singapore

We leave Melaka and Malaysia in a super bus with massage seats, to go to Singapore. We don’t know what to expect. Too much technology? Smart city with last generation buildings? Pollution over the city? Wait and see… because for now, we are stuck at the border, our bus not being able to enter the City-State, because its regulation is outdated! 3 hours later, we finally find ourselves in the middle of huge illuminated towers, like two children. There we are for 7 days of adventure in this amazing city!  (more…)