Find on this page all our articles related to Lao. We start this wonderful adventure in the north of the country, in Luang Prabang. Then we go slowly to the south before ending in the capital city: Vientiane.

Discovering Northern Lao

Muong Ngoi village

After 1 month and a half in Vietnam, it’s time to take the plane from Hanoi, direction Luang Prabang, Northern Laos, for our next stop. We bring you to discover a beautiful area, with sublime landscapes and generous people… Let’s go!  (more…)

4 days on the loop of Thakhek in Laos

boucle de Thakhek au Laos

We leave the North of Lao and its magnificent landscapes, to discover the South of the country. After a short stopover in Vientiane, the capital city, we take a bus to Thakhek, to make the loop by motorbike. Lets’ go for an article with music!  (more…)

Laos: from the 4 000 islands to Vientiane

Li Phi waterfalls in 4000 islands in south Lao

The delay starts to accumulate… Anyway, let’s continue our adventure where we left it. After the loop of Thakhek, we take the road, or rather the bus, to the 4 000 islands, before coming back to Vientiane, the capital city, for our last days in Lao. We take you with us!  (more…)