Find on this page all our articles related to Indonesia. Our journey begins on Java island, between Jakarta, Yogyakarta, Bromo and Ijen. The we go to Bali, Lombok and Gili islands.

First steps in Indonesia on Java island

sunrise on Borobudur temples in Indonesia

After a week in the heart of the innovative Singapore, we fly to Indonesia and its capital: Jakarta. Everyone warned us, Jakarta, is certainly the capital, but it is mostly a big city with traffic jams and pollution, not necessarily very interesting … As a matter of fact, we don’t know what to expect. The arrival in the city center, completely clogged and crowded, would give right to all these testimonials. But what does it really mean?  (more…)

Storming the volcanoes of the island of Java

sunrise on bromo volcano in Java island in Indonesia

We left you in Yogyakarta, when we jump on the bus for our 3 day trek on the Bromo and Kawa Ijen volcanoes. We embark on three days of adventure, between contemplation, wonder and disenchantment …


How to survive a trek on the Rinjani in Indonesia?

view from the top of Rinjani volcan in Lombok island in Indonesia

Just enough time to recover from our emotions on the volcanoes of the island of Java, that we go for the most difficult trek of the whole trip (and that is not a little saying). We head to the summit of the Rinjani volcano on Lombok Island! We might as well be suffering right away, so we will rest on the Gili islands just next door after… That’s stupid good idea!


Which Gili island is yours?

View on the beach on Gili Meno, in Indonesia

We just finished our most difficult trek on the Rinjani volcano that we only think of one thing: relax! Indonesia is the equivalent of paradise for this exhausting activity. We decide to drop our backpacks on the Gili Islands, off Lombok. Much like in the nightclubs of our youth, Gili are 3 islands, 3 atmospheres… Let’s go on board!  (more…)